Monday :: Jun 18, 2007

Obama Slides A Little In Gallup Poll

by Steve

Gallup graphic

Gallup’s latest poll, taken from June 11-15 with a sample of 34% Democrats, 27% Republicans, and 38% independents, shows that Hillary has regained a double-digit lead over Obama, who has fallen back to barely above 20%. Al Gore now registers almost even with Obama in second place at 18%, with Edwards lagging now at 11%.

Far be it for me to say, but I sense that the party is bored already with the choices we have, and that Obama has had his boomlet. For her part, Hillary is playing for the long haul and is trying to be ready to absorb any early defeats in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. As for Edwards, he needed to be in better shape by now than 11%.

On the other side, Rudy bests Thompson in a two-man race and support for McCain has fallen through the floor with Romney still down in Edwards territory despite all his cash.

Are we really looking at a Hillary-Rudy face off, with the likelihood that Michael Bloomberg jumps in with David Boren to make it a real three-way race?

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