Tuesday :: Jun 19, 2007

Afghanistan: Killing More Children

by soccerdad

There is no better way to win over the local populace than to indiscriminately kill their children. It has happened so much last 4 years I’m starting to think its official policy. Well the latest incident occurred in south eastern Afghanistan near Pakistan.

A US air strike on a mosque and religious school in eastern Afghanistan has killed seven children and several suspected al-Qaida militants, US-led forces in the country said today.

I mean who could have foreseen there being children at a school. I mean really.
A statement by international forces in Afghanistan said yesterday's air strike was ordered after surveillance "confirmed the presence of nefarious activity occurring at the site".

Nefarious activity! Well that’s specific. What do we mean by this? Were some of the older students smoking during recess?
Major Belcher said troops had watched the compound all day "and saw no indications there were children inside the building".
But their surveillance was good enough to identify nefarious activity. But the really good news is that it’s not really the fault of coalition forces. It’s those evil insurgents using children as human shields.
"This is another example of al-Qaida using the protective status of a mosque, as well as innocent civilians, to shield themselves."

Lucky for us that the NY Times did some real digging on this incident and found details that the other sources didn’t get.
“Witness statements taken early this morning clearly put the blame on the suspected terrorists, saying that if the children attempted to go outside they were beaten and pushed away from the door,” said a coalition press release, adding that seven “militants” had also died in the raid.

I guess no one else could find those anonymous sources. The coalition forces wouldn’t be having these problems if the people of Afghanistan and Iraq would just keep their children out of school. Look at this incident, I mean if you are going to send children to a school the US is going to destroy then you get what you deserve. In any case, in both these incidents, the US had been attacked earlier giving them the right to kill who ever they want. It’s true. Just check the neocon rules of war. Oh wait, that says they don’t need a reason.

Does anyone really care that we are slaughtering children for no particular reason?

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