Tuesday :: Jun 19, 2007

Start Calling For Special Prosecutors

by Steve

There's a very clear reason why George W. Bush installed his servant Alberto Gonzales as AG at the start of his second term. The only way to ensure that you would get away with a variety of crimes without having to answer to a Special Prosecutor appointed by the Attorney General is to install a servant as AG.

If you knew you were going to use the Justice Department to undermine the Voting Rights Act and disenfranchise Democratic voters; if you knew you were going to stop Justice Department investigations against Republicans in the second term and redirect those activities against Democrats; if you knew that your illegal domestic spying and detainee policies needed a built-in shield; if you knew that you needed an AG to destroy evidence and stall any possible congressional inquiries; and if you knew that you needed a shield against any investigations during the second term conducted by a Special Prosecutor, then you knew that your servant must be appointed as AG.

At some point very soon, Democrats will need to push various subpoenas towards the inevitable court challenge from the White House, at which point Democrats can show the country the conflict of interest that exists which requires the Special Prosecutor in each case. That the administration will reject the need for any such appointments even with a truckload of evidence of lawbreaking is inevitable. But forcing the subpoenas and getting to that conflict sooner rather than later is better for the country to see the lengths this president will go to shield his actions from public view.

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