Wednesday :: Jun 20, 2007

Al-Maliki's Government On The Verge Of Collapse

by Steve

Folks, how in the hell can anyone hope for political reconciliation in Iraq when the second most powerful Shiite politician in the country wants to quit and asserts that police are collaborating with Sunni insurgents to rip the country apart?

Iraqi Vice President Adel Abdul Mahdi, a senior Shiite politician often mentioned as a potential prime minister, tendered his resignation last week in a move that reflects deepening frustration inside the Iraqi government with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.
Other senior Iraqi officials have considered resigning in recent weeks over the failures of their government to make progress after more than a year in power, according to Iraqi and U.S. officials.
Abdul Mahdi said he was provoked by the second bombing of the Shiite shrine in Samarra on June 13, in which he said corrupt police abetted Sunni insurgents. "The two minarets were as important to us as September 11, and we should be accountable to the people," Abdul Mahdi said in a telephone interview Wednesday. "We should be doing more to move in a positive direction -- on corruption, accountability and defending the important sites."

The Shiites are splitting apart in advance of a major power struggle, while Cheney works with the Saudis to arm the Sunnis. This isn’t a recipe for success, and yet our forces are being ordered by the White House to police it all, and to die trying. And now the Iraqis want, you guessed it, another election to sort out who really has power in the country now, with al-Maliki's Dawa Party almost powerless.

I can hear it now: "We need to stay around another 12 months until well after the next purple finger election to allow the Iraqis to sort out their future."

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