Thursday :: Jun 21, 2007

Fourteen Killed In 2 Days

by Steve

AFP photo

First, the Pentagon said that seven US personnel had died in the last 48 hours, five from one roadside bomb. Then, it got worse.

Fourteen. Eleven of them were killed in separate incidents due to roadside bombs or explosions. And to make it worse, we mistakenly attacked one of the Sunni insurgent groups we had recently convinced to work with us against Al Qaeda.

A spokesman for the 1920s Revolution Brigades, a nationalist Sunni insurgent group that has begun cooperating with U.S. and Iraqi forces in the fight against al-Qaida in Diyala, said an airstrike mistakenly struck a building being used as a headquarters by the group. The spokesman, who declined to be identified due to security concerns, said two members were killed and four were wounded.
Keep in mind the large majority of the deaths we suffered weren’t from combat operations, but simply from bombings aimed at American forces while in transport. But at least the Pentagon has come up with another catchy name for their operation with the Iraqi Army.
With all of the nearly 30,000 additional troops ordered to Iraq by President Bush now in place, the military said the massive operations on Baghdad's flanks were "a powerful crackdown to defeat extremists" and named the combined offensives "Operation Phantom Thunder."
General Petraeus told the Times of London today that his September report would simply be a report, not a deadline for any change in policy or mission. He may want to check with Mitch McConnell on that.
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