Friday :: Jun 22, 2007

Romney's Traffic Nazis

by Steve

What kind of staff has Romney hired into his campaign? And why does Mitt Romney's campaign have access to a database that checks up on reporters and the cars they drive around in?

The New Hampshire Attorney General's Office has opened an investigation into whether presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's staff might have made an illegal traffic stop.
ConserveNH President Paul Nagy wrote a letter to Attorney General Kelly Ayotte asking her to check if Romney aides illegally stopped a New York Times reporter, checked his license plate against a database and overstepped their authority.
Romney's campaign on Wednesday denied a report that aides pulled over Times reporter Mark Leibovich, who was trailing the former Massachusetts governor's caravan in New Hampshire, checked his license plates and told him to leave.

Geez, did they give him a sobriety test too and frisk him? Is this what we can expect of a Romney administration?

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