Saturday :: Jun 23, 2007

It's Always "Groundhog Day" in Iraq

by soccerdad

"Groundhog Day" here refers to the movie for those who haven't had their coffee yet.

From today's WaPo we hear that there are not enough troops in Iraq. Who would have guessed?

As the U.S. offensive, code-named Phantom Thunder, has been greeted with a week of intensified fighting in areas outside the capital -- areas that the U.S. military has largely left untouched for as long as three years -- the push raised fears from security experts and officers in the field that the new attacks might simply propel the enemy from one area to another where there are not as many U.S. troops.

Duh! I had to check the date on this article to make sure I hadn't pulled up some old article from the archives.

There's little sense in regurgitating the whole thing so here are the few interesting snippets from an all too old oft repeated story.

A quote from Retired Army Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey
"Why would we think that a temporary presence of 30,000 additional combat troops in a giant city would change the dynamics of a bitter civil war?" he said in an interview yesterday. "It's a fool's errand."

From an active soldier in Operation Arrowhead Ripper:
"We just do not have the forces in country right now to have the appropriate level of presence across the country."

And finally the bottom line:

In terms of the fighting, the question may be academic. "There isn't much more land power available for use in Iraq and Afghanistan," retired Gen. Gordon R. Sullivan, a former Army chief of staff, recently commented. "We are now 'all in' " -- that is, in poker terms, the U.S. armed forces have put all their chips on the table.

Looks like its time to let the Air Force earn its keep.

But the troops shouldn't worry, the Democrats will make sure that they have the funding to be in harm's way trying to do an impossible task with too few troops and equipment. Now that's supporting the troops.

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