Saturday :: Jun 23, 2007

Shadow Box

by paradox

Reading Anonymous Liberal last night I was finally struck with a horribly uncomfortable insight to an event of some 3-4 weeks ago: out of the blue—on the notorious Friday afternoon news dump coverage window—the Senate released the second phase investigation report on the phony wmd lies for going to war with Iraq.

The Mahablog said there was sure to be an explanation for this completely baffling self-limiting behavior, but of course it never arrived. With the huge, painful question always looming at the back of my mind as to why Congressional investigations into anything Bush has done are freaking nowhere (no investigations in the Senate, just glacial Waxman in the House) Anonymous Liberal noted that even after Judiciary “finally” released subpoenas for NSA documents, he still “doubt[s] we’ll ever see the documents.”

WHY? Came this booming blast wall of a question in my mind. Why does this brilliant and accomplished legal mind think Judiciary is powerless over this critical NSA matter? Why is Judiciary essentially then going through the motions in a laughably transparent half-assed attempt at shadow boxing subpoenas with Bush, a fake rope-a-dope to nothing but the very last ring of the bell January 20th, 2009?

Why doesn’t lying to go to war matter? Why doesn’t killing 200,000 Iraqis while refusing all refugees horrify people? Why was Bush allowed to come to power with a stolen election? Why did Clinton get impeached for blowjob but Bush can commit literally any crime? Why was that wmd report released 3-4 weeks ago on a Friday afternoon?

Well, that’s happens when you lose your government and it’s smashed right in front of you. If there are any more self-righteous disbelievers out there who cluck their tongues at my mentally ill delusions about a smashed America blasted to the winds, please take a look at the behavior of the Vice President of the last week and truly stand there to tell me our government has not gone to total hell with berserk criminal delusory crackpots in charge. One can’t, we’re in soft fascist Cheney America with our ever-enabling “journalism” going right along again.

But again, why won’t Congress fight these felons head on with everything they have? An answer gradually trickled in, never of my own invention, of course, but in fragments Billmon wrote long ago for a Whiskey Bar post, topic forgotten, but the gist of his thinking was that the proposed Middle East solution he was writing about would never, ever happen because the scale of accomplishment to make it happen was simply far too vast for puny humans.

Middle East solutions require change in racism, nationalism, tribalism, materialism—just to start a very long list—so the solution will in fact never arrive or be attempted, it’s just too hard and too much. Any actions or concerted efforts at the issue are in fact fakes, jabs of shadow-boxing displayed to everyone in an attempt to give the appearance that something is actually being done. Some of the actors involved may even believe what they’re doing.

That’s why there are zero Senate investigations on Bush, why Waxman is glacially slow, why Anonymous Liberal thinks subpoenas will never work, why Democrats gave up on the war after only one round and why that wmd report was released on a god damn Friday afternoon: this is the shadow-box, this is the fake dance of denial for the next 18 months to wait Bush out until there’s another chance with a new President.

It’s not a direct lie to the base or the people, it gives some honest members of Congress cover for their real patriotic sincerity, but anything that comes out of Judiciary or Waxman’s committee is going to have a powder-puff ending, a toothless verdict that will ultimately only show that in our time on the planet circa 2007 the Congress we got—for whatever reasons—just didn’t have the capability and character to take on the incredibly hard problems presented to them. With 40% of the populace not voting one can fairly see why their attempts would be so flaccid, after all.

So this is the government we get, good old human self-lying half-asssedness with a pathetic ruse of actually trying to do something for 18 months. That’s really the answer to live with the next year and a half, with this fantastic hope that somehow a Democratic president can start some kind of democratic recovery for the country in 2009.

In all the time I will have with the country will we ever stop this denial, this shadow-boxing of futility against the evil forces that stole our country? Probably not. Best case scenario would be the return to sanity in small ways, an incremental, decades-long evolution of recovery as perhaps the country stops lying to itself. Maybe then a real small victory can be celebrated after a life of trying, a burst of reality and justice in a small corner of the country that made all the work worthwhile after all.

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