Saturday :: Jun 23, 2007

Iraq Renews Saddam-Era Oil Deal With China

by Steve

Kurdish leader and Iraqi vice president Jalal Talabani is close to Dick Cheney and is one of our staunchest allies inside the Iraqi government. He wants us to stay as long as possible.

He is also cutting oil deals with the Chinese without our State Department knowing about it.

Baghdad has revived a contract signed by the Saddam Hussein administration allowing a state-owned Chinese oil company to develop an Iraqi oil field, the Iraqi oil minister told the Financial Times in Beijing on Friday.
Hussein al-Shahristani also said Baghdad welcomed Chinese oil company bids for any other contract in the country through a “fair and transparent bidding process” to be laid out in the new oil law under discussion in Iraq’s parliament.
US diplomats in Beijing said they were not aware that the deal had been revived.
The breakthrough on the contract was made during a weeklong visit to China by Jalal Talabani, Iraqi president, last month. Mr. Talabani met his counterpart, Hu Jintao, and Wen Jiabao, the premier, and signed a number of agreements on topics such as oil, trade, commerce, education and cultural exchange.
Dick Cheney: spilling American blood for Chinese profits.
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