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Apocalypse Iraq

by soccerdad

Now that all insurgents have been “converted” to al-Qaida by our politicians in order to add an air of legitimacy to our operations in and around Baghdad, it is important to remember that the war in Iraq is nothing more than a classic, brutal occupation meant simply to bring the populace into control so that we can start pumping their oil.

Global Policy Forum has published a report on Iraq with the aid of many of the NGOs that have been attempting to aid the people of Iraq. It summarizes in great detail the results of our occupation of Iraq and the methods used to attempt to conquer the country. It describes the destruction of their heritage, the use of illegal weapons, the use of illegal tactics such as torture and collective punishment, many of which I have written about here over the last few years.

The story of Fallujah serves as a concise example of our motives and tactics. In this post in January 2005, I detailed how the military tried to take control of Fallujah:

Let's summarize the possible war crimes committed in the latest siege of Fallujah
1. Use of cluster bombs
2. Use of Napalm
3. Attacking a medical facility
4. Seizing a medical facility
5. Indiscriminate killing of civilians including women and children
6. Cutting off water and electricity to the entire city before the siege
7. The use of collective punishment
8. Purposeful destruction of water, electrical and sewage facilities.
9. Preventing male Iraqis from leaving and making them return to the city.
10. Preventing the wounded from being treated
11. Preventing the Red Crescent from entering the city

I concluded:
Rumsfeld has said that sooner or later the Iraqis will tire of being killed. I submit they will not. They are fighting for their country. They are fighting to avenge the deaths of relatives. They have seen our tactics.They are not the tactics of liberation but of occupation and control.
Will this ever get reported in this country? Does anybody care?

In Feb. of this year in a post entitled Fallujah: an update I detailed how the brutal occupation had the result of producing more “insurgents”.

Iraqi journalists working for McClatchy news maintain their own blog. Reading these entries helps to put a human and personal perspective on the events in Iraq. A poster by the name of Dulaimy had a recent post on Fallujah. It is a post of pleading verging on despair.

Instead of being the city of mosques it will be the city of cemeteries and this will be another achievement of the invasion that residents of Fallujah will remember through generations. Please don’t let that happen. Don’t give extremists more arguments and evidences to fuel anger and to deceive and recruit young men with them


People can not understand how great armed forces, like the and marines, can not help restoring electricity, water not even cell phones so people can cooperate with the authorities at least.
Please don’t let the people remember your country in this way; making cities full with cemeteries more than it is already (some people in Fallujah buried their sons in their home gardens in 2004).


Please help these people for the sake of any thing that you believe in whether it was God, a tree, oil or above all humanity sake.

Dulaimy also points us to this article which describes the pain and anguish of a woman who lost her pregnant sister because the hospital did not have enough blood of the correct type. The US has done practically nothing to help maintain the medical system in Iraq and in fact has bombed hospitals.

A recent religious edict has forbid people from fishing in the Tigris river. The reason? Too many bodies have been floating down the river.

The decaying human corpses dumped into the river, according to the Fatwa, make eating its fish inhuman, unethical and anti-religious.

Thanks to U.S. invasion, the Tigris River has turned into a cemetery of floating bodies. The murderous militias and death squads – which the invaders brought with them and nurtured – see the depths of the Tigris as a perfect place to hide their sectarian killings of innocent Iraqis by dumping the bodies of their victims there.
Fishermen say their nets and hooks sometimes catch more corpses than fish. The former regime, in a bid to purge the river of any garbage, had erected a steel mesh close to the town of Suwaira. The mesh was cleaned every week.

But instead of unwanted materials which the mesh used to catch, it began seizing floating corpses. Scores of families visit the area regularly in the hope of collecting the corpses of loved ones who had gun missing without a trace.

Since 2006, at least 800 bodies have been picked up only at Suwaira, according to Abdulwahid Azzam of the Interior Ministry.

As part of the current operations the crackdown in Fallujah has increased in intensity. The NGOs can no longer get the much needed aid to the people, pregnant women can’t get to the hospital and people have been holed up in their homes for weeks.

I have a long list of such articles. But what’s the point? As I wrote in my Feb post:

When I wrote my original post in Jan 2005, the rage was real, rage at the Bush administration for dragging our country down into the gutter with other genocidal maniacs. The rage is gone, replaced with despair. Despair that we as a country have not risen up against our criminal leadership. Despair that most don't really care what our leaders do in our name. And despair that my naive view of what America was and could be was and is an illusion, propaganda spewed from our leaders and history books meant to tranqualize the sheep as our leaders do what ever they want. The myth of American greatness and moral superiority is dead, buried with the bodies of those innocent victims in Iraq

So in 2 1/2 years of writing about this nothing has changed. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t expect my writing to be the catalyst, but I thought eventually there would be an awaking. But where is the leadership for such change to come from? From the Democrats who have already signed up for an attack on Iran? From our religious leaders? A portion of those are waiting for the ultimate apocalypse in order for the second coming to occur. The leader of the Catholic Church recently excused the genocide by the Spanish and others in the Americas by saying they were secretly yearning for Jesus; i.e. the old rapist defense “She really wanted it”.

So as my despair slowly transforms to an existential meltdown I’ll end with this snippet from a post from someone apparently going through a similar crisis.

This is the most self-centered, egotistical, all-consuming, anal retentive, ego-bound, crap-generating, xenophobic, self- righteous, ignorant, bleached and processed culture ever to have crawled out of the slime, ruled by the lowest common denominator: the exploitative, monkey-see-monkey-kill nature of our primitive inheritance. We are the meanest monkeys on the planet, that's all - disgusting split-brained apes with big thumbs. When we stumble upon something new and good, we immediately steel it, rape it, market it and finally use it all up...and if we can, we'll stop anyone else from getting a piece.

There MUST be a life form superior to us on this planet. (It might have been the dolphins and whales, but we've almost exterminated them.) If we're the top, then this must be a damn bad neighborhood. In fact, the whole Universe must be seriously flawed.

Do you see the human race choosing any of the sane options? LINK

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