Thursday :: Jun 28, 2007

What Are They Hiding?

by Steve

As expected, the White House will assert executive privilege in rejecting the June 13th subpoenas issues by the House and Senate Judiciary Committees for documents and testimony of Sara Taylor and Harriet Miers related to the firing of federal prosecutors. We can also presume that Bush will also reject yesterday’s subpoena from the Senate Judiciary Committee for documents on the development of the administration’s illegal domestic spying program.

Fine. Democrats, please get this to court as soon as possible, and force the Bush Administration into bunker mode and lockdown. Please hammer the message every day the remainder of Bush’s term that he and Dick Cheney are running out the clock to avoid being accountable to the American people. Please hammer the meme that the White House is obviously hiding something.

Please do what you can to force the Bush Supreme Court to tackle this case sooner rather than later, even if they rule in Dick Cheney’s favor that the imperial presidency is constitutional. Voters heading to the polls in 2008 need to know that the decisions they make every four years can do lasting damage to the checks and balances we thought James Madison and the rest of the founders enshrined into our government. Hopefully, the Democrats will run on this next year, and point out that John Roberts and Samuel Alito lied at their confirmation hearings about their respect for precedent.

And then we can let President Hillary, Obama, Edwards, or Gore tell a future GOP congress to go fuck itself the first time it wants to investigate the executive branch.

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