Thursday :: Jun 28, 2007

Senate GOP Kills Immigration Reform, Helping Hillary

by Steve

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The Senate killed immigration reform today when Bush’s own party rejected his last minute appeals and failed to muster enough votes to overcome a bipartisan bloc of conservative senators lined up against this bill. The Post's Jonathan Weisman asserted in his story today that both the left and right teamed up to stop moderates from moving the bill forward, but in truth most of the 15 Democrats who voted against cloture weren't liberal at all. As a result, Democrats will now be able to come back in 2009 with the better and less punitive approach of the original McCain-Kennedy earned citizenship bill, and get it through with more Democratic senators and a Democratic president, helped in part by a surge in Latino voters who turned against the GOP.

And who was the big winner today? Hillary.

A new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll indicates that Hispanics, by nearly 3 to 1, say they're Democrats or lean that way. Of those, 59% support the New York senator over her presidential rivals — her strongest showing among any major demographic group and a huge potential asset for early contests in Nevada, Florida, California and other states with large Hispanic populations.
One big factor behind the flight from the GOP: a heated debate over immigration in which congressional Republicans' remarks on illegal immigrants have offended many Hispanic voters. The fallout from that battle, shifting Latino loyalties and a changing political calendar have scrambled political calculations made about Hispanics after the last presidential election — and raised the stakes for their role in choosing the Democratic nominee for the next one.

Thanks Karl; by delaying action on immigration reform until you could use it as your 2008 wedge issue, you just sunk the GOP. You, Jim DeMint, and the other "send them back" anti-immigrant thugs just helped Hillary.

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