Thursday :: Jun 28, 2007

Have A Cigar Fred

by Steve

Fred Thompson, the emerging wet dream of the far right, told a South Carolina crowd yesterday that Cubans with suitcase nukes are a threat to this country.

In his speech, Thompson assailed “unbearable tax burdens,” called for restrained spending, and argued for a smaller federal government. He expressed his opposition to the immigration bill in Congress and decried the flow of illegal immigrants from Cuba, saying: “I don’t imagine they’re coming here to bring greetings from Castro. We’re living in the era of the suitcase bomb.”

This is the GOP’s A-Team: an actor who takes his movie/TV scripts seriously; a mayor who wouldn’t know integrity if it bit him in the ass; a senator who sold his soul to the political devil; and a governor with better hair than foreign policy acumen.

Hat tip to ThinkProgress

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