Sunday :: Jul 1, 2007

Sunday Morning Scattershot

by paradox

Quick hits from a sleepy quiet NorCal morning:

*/ After being dismayed all day at the juvenile fear mongering from television networks who were trying to scare me with this ridiculous burning car halfway around the world while the loathsome Yanquis lost and it rained on Wimbledon, I was at least mollified later in the evening that at last some serious pushback is hitting back hard at this absurd, pathetic and dangerous behavior.

I am not scared. Wasn’t scared before 9/11, haven’t been since and this reflexive compulsion to scream endlessly about what some comically stupid idiots did at an airport where the only persons hurt where the chumps who did it has…got…to…stop.

I still say this is one of the post perniciously evil and damaging things Bush has ever done, this stance of reactive fear that shouts to the heavens we have to be scared of pipsqueaks who don’t even have a country. The networks have bleated unthinkingly along to the point where we got yesterday, a totally inability to see what sad pathetic clowns they are as they endlessly broadcast a burning truck.

One of the worst mental habits to possess is a habit of reactive fear to any event, and it’s high time we recognize the behavior and stop it.

*/ It may seem daunting but we are a nation of 240 million souls, it’s amazing what a few years of positive work will do to drastically improve matters on this gravely long list of what to work on when Bush the Worst Ever is finally gone.

I would add more item: fix DC Democratic leadership competency. In the last few days I’ve considered forbidding myself ever to write again about any political tactic or element of the Democratic party, sticking only to research or tangible positive contributive work, for this is killing me.

Somehow there has to be a smashing realization, a moment of clarity, a forced intervention of blunt reality to every federal Democrat that they there are terrible, terrible tactical politicians, some of the most inept clowns the world has ever seen. If it was the warped politics of money, clownishly greedy incompetent consultants, the horrible state of US journalism or the apathy of 40% of the American public, whatever produced this current crop of American political minds resulted in total ineptness they have got to snap out of.

Perhaps a 21 day retreat, maybe some remedial history education on the weekends, certainly some kind of medication, anything to smack our DC folks around to the point of knowing they have a serious, serious problem. Only then can progression begin, right?

*/ Reading Helen Thomas two days ago and thinking carefully about what she told Glenn, I’m struck again how lightly Americans as a people have let themselves off the hook for “pre-emptive” war.

Can we learn as a country, all of us, never again to attack a people that had done nothing to us? I don’t see how that can be so hard, really, and it hurts a great deal to have two Democratic 2008 candidates horribly crimped on this huge moral issue, they voted for the war, the rationalizations and apologies always seem to fall short, somehow, in ensuring future implementation of mechanisms and a political morality that will prevent us from acting like the Nazis again.

Look, I wasn’t the one who lied and killed a quarter million Iraqis for nothing, I’m not a radical freak for calling them Nazis, what I ask for is perfectly sane, rational and normal. The freaks are Cheney and Bush, psychotically running the show in their brand new fourth branch of government.

*/ I desperately wish I had something happy to report or some good news that would really cheer a Democrat up, but I’m not going to be in denial about, it’s a lousy summer of bad political news that’s just started, it’s going to get a lot longer.

I’m still in the process of adjusting to it, I’m going to have to be more careful, I got down and was deliberately obnoxious to good folks at Kos’s place, I feel bad about it and have to try and fix it. I’m sorry about it, I’d give a lot to happily pass on some great news and be this sunny beacon of cheer, but that’s not the world we live in right now.

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