Monday :: Jul 2, 2007

Obama Rakes It In

by Steve

MSNBC image

Obama’s second quarter take of $32.5 million was extremely impressive, and outdistanced Hillary by over $10 million in primary fundraising. But even more impressive was a donor list that now exceeds 250,000, and an online haul of $10.3 million in the quarter. As Bloomberg noted today, by focusing on small donors and the Internet, Obama is well positioned to keep beating Clinton in quarterly fundraising the rest of the year. And he'll need the cash and large donor base to steadily chip away at Hillary in the early states, where she has significant leads over him.

Hillary is getting more and more support from corporate America, especially Wall Street.

John Edwards raised $9 million in the second quarter and now has 100,000 donors. This was only $2 million ahead of what Bill Richardson raised.

McCain is cutting back staff today. Worse yet for McCain, he has blown through most of his money and only has $2 million cash on hand.

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