Tuesday :: Jul 3, 2007

Open Thread

by Mary

Bush's action in commuting the sentence for Libby was par for the course for a right-wing authoritarian (RWA). (Bet we know who told him to do it.)

Here's what Robert Altemeyer says is one of the distinguishing characteristists (pdf) of a high RWA:

In fact they’d send just about anyone to jail for a longer time than most people would, from those who spit on the sidewalk to rapists. However, ... authoritarian followers usually would go easy on authorities who commit crimes, and they similarly make allowances for someone who attacks a victim the authoritarian is prejudiced against.

High RWAs believe in extremely harsh punishment, except in regards to people they hold up as part of the righteous authorities. As long as Bush is in control, you will not see anyone in his administration held accountable for crimes he or Cheney ordered. Knowing that, who believes they will ever willingly give up power?

Your turn now.

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