Tuesday :: Jul 3, 2007

Justice in the Bush Years

by Mary

Now that we know Bush doesn't believe that Scooter should spend any time in jail for his felony conviction, it seems especially important to see how unconcerned he is when a Democrat is railroaded by the Justice system with Karl Rove directing the conviction. The best review of the case of the former Democratic governor of Alabama, Don Siegelman, was this piece by Scott Horton. In Siegelman's case, no punishment is too harsh.

And then, still more troubling, there is White House intervention to persecute their political opponents: the telltale sign of tyranny....But the Georgia Thompson case is not the worst. Far, far more troubling still is the conviction of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman in a prosecution in Montgomery....This week, former Governor Siegelman faces sentencing before Judge Fuller. The federal prosecutors handling the case have demanded a sentence of thirty years in prison – in a case which should have been dismissed in the first instance and in any event involves no personal gain of any sort by Siegelman. The prosecutors’ sentencing request was further strong evidence that the case is a vendetta. No doubt a very harsh sentence will be issued.

The judge handed down a sentence of over seven years for a "crime" that doesn't pass the smell test. Ask yourself, will Bush intervene in this unmisktakeable travesty of justice? Certainly not, because this prosecution was engineered by Karl Rove to destroy a political opponent, therefore, a harsh sentence is de rigeur.

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