Thursday :: Jul 5, 2007

Bush and the media - who is out of touch with reality?

by soccerdad

One of the constant frameworks used in reporting on the Bush administration is that they are out of touch with "reality" or that they refuse to accept "reality". This was seen yesterday with Dana Milbank's column in WaPo on the Libby commutation. He starts the column by quoting Jabberwocky and then quoting the White House press conference. He then says:

The president and his aides have been trending toward the margins of reality for some time now, but with this week's commutation of Scooter Libby's prison term, the administration's statements dissolved into nonsense.

I am completely fed up with this approach as it is enabling, if not excusing, the behavior of the Bush Regime. The meassage is "well they just don't know what's going on" or "they're incompetent". This is utter crap. Let's be clear. What Bush did with the Libby commutation was to look the citizens in the eye, put up both middle fingers and basically said " This is my lame ass excuse, what are you going to do about it?" There is no incompetence, there is no lack of reality, they know exactly what they are doing and journalists like Milbank are letting them get away with it. Bush is accruing unprecedented power and doing it quite competently.

With respect to Iraq, again it is the press who have no sense of reality. The US is running a standard, brutal war of occupation in order to gain control of the country and exploit its resources. Yet the press continues to believe the pure BS spewed by this administration and then conclude that the administration is out of touch with reality. Let me give you a hint THEY ARE LYING TO YOU. Get your heads out of your collective rear ends and get in touch with reality. It is you, the press, that refuse to acknowledge reality. Now I know that this doesn't apply to everyone. There are those who are happily, knowingly transcribing the lies of Bush and know full well that they are lying.

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