Saturday :: Jul 7, 2007

Saturday Night Scattershot -- Open Thread --

by paradox

I always liked a slow, sleepy Saturday night, they’re cheap and the odds that I can get a lot of work done on Sunday are good.

I revved on rant mode this morning, I guess it’s obvious to everyone but me, but I’m wired this way, at least the voltage doesn’t stay spiked for very long. I painted some touchup, read some, got some sleep, ‘n here I am on a Saturday night surf cruise, it’s all right, thanks for stopping by.

*/ Rick Perlstein has done some terrific work, and if Digby links to it twice one should take the freaking hint, so I was glad I had wandered over earlier in the week,

Perlstein argues that economic constraints are severely crimping American liberty and freedom, something I’ve been thinking about a great deal the last few years when I want to hear some good new music or see a new movie.

Compared to 20 years ago the American creative industries of music and movies have obviously regressed—isn’t this a bellweather, a sort of canary on the coal mine warning sign that all is not well? Yeah, I’ve aged and still think rap music is awful’n and it feels like I should be waving a cane at those uppity whippersnappers, but the declining revenue numbers tell the same story too, it’s significantly worse for the music industry (movies started a rebound, at least in revenue, in 2006).

*/ Susie Madrak is starting a non-profit for a foundation model to provide revenue streams to starving liberal bloggers, as worried as I am about our people too many days. I wondered about this, a foundation model supports Harper’s magazine, but it doesn’t seem to deliver much in the short term. That’s not to denigrate the idea in the least, Susie knows who I am, I’ll be watching very closely and sending cash when I can. Good luck, Susie, please keep us posted on how this goes.

*/ I know it’s depressing the Great One said earlier, hell we all know it, it’s the times we live in, amigos, so I have another nugget of joy to pass along: when being considered as a new wonder of the world (I had no idea this list changed) the Statue of Liberty was loudly booed when introduced to the crowd in Portugal.

That’s right, Lady Liberty got dissed and hissed, even in Portugal. I wish, how I wish, that my Republican brothers and sisters cared about what others think of us. When plain Portuguese people boo the Statue of Liberty (a gift from the French) it should be a stark marker to step back and take a long good look at what we’ve become as a people and a country. I simply don’t understand this remarkable disdain for the thoughts and welfare of other humans on the planet, how is this disdain not hugely immature and provocative?

We’re a lot better than this. It won’t be hard to do so as soon as that felon Bush leaves DC, one way or another.

Please be well. Have a good night and a great Sunday, y’all earned it.

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