Monday :: Jul 9, 2007

Who is Suffering from Insane, Irrational Panic?

by soccerdad

Today Andrew Sullivan brings us the “thoughts” of one of the pillars of neocon thinking [oxymoron alert!!], Bill Kristol.

This [Insane, Irrational Panic] is how Bill Kristol describes the view of those who have followed this war closely for four years of drift, mishap and recklessness and concluded that some kind of withdrawal or redeployment is now our least worst option. It is based on Kristol's judgment that, for reasons unspecified,
"the offensive is working better than expected."

Sullivan asks “better than who expected? Actually I have a different question.


Ermeli, IRAQ: Iraqis inspect destruction at the site of a truck bomb blast in the village of Ermeli near the oil rich city of Kirkuk, northern Iraq, 08 July 2007. photo from AFP/Getty Link

Who’s offensive?

An offensive that appears to be failing is that of the neocon and their sycophants. They have launched an offensive against anyone who proposes any kind of withdrawl, phased or not. Laura Rozen has the details.

Both Sullivan and Rozen point out who is suffering panic, although justified. Rozen points out that the panic stems, in part, as a counterattack to the increased criticism of the war, especially from Republicans. But Kristol gets to the bottom line (via Sullivan)

Why on earth pull the plug now? Why give in to an insane, irrational panic that will destroy the Bush administration and most likely sweep the Republican party to ruin?

Well that makes sense. Let’s kill a couple of hundred thousand more Iraqis, more of our troops, and further bankrupt our country economically and morally, to keep these bottom feeding parasites in power. These power hungry nihilists won’t be happy until complete destruction of the Middle East (except Israel) happens. Talk about insane and irrational.

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