Tuesday :: Jul 10, 2007

Open Thread

by Mary

Blackwater's cover-up is beginning to be uncovered. When the four contractors got killed going into Fallujah in spring of 2004, the families sued Blackwater to try to get the truth about what happened. Even so, Blackwater has stonewalled the family, going so far as to countersue to prevent an open investigation. Nevertheless, through the notes of other teams under the direction of Blackwater, new facts are surfacing.

Some answers can be found in memos from a second team for Blackwater operating around Fallujah on March 31, 2004.

Blackwater, based in North Carolina, sent two squads through Fallujah without maps, according to memos obtained by The News & Observer. Both of the six-man teams, named Bravo 2 and November 1, were sent out two men short, leaving them more vulnerable to ambush.

The Bravo 2 team members had protested that they were not ready for the mission and had not had time to prepare their weapons, but they were commanded to go, according to memos written by team members. The team disregarded directions to drive through Fallujah and instead drove around it and returned safely to Baghdad that evening.

The November 1 team went into Fallujah and was massacred.

Blackwater definitely needs to be held accountable for those deaths.

This is an open thread.

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