Wednesday :: Jul 11, 2007

Open Thread

by Mary

The ex-leader of China's food-and-drug watchdog was put to death after taking bribes to approve untested medications. The incident highlights a series of environmental and industrial scandals in China, and it's the strongest signal yet that the government is serious about tackling its product-safety crisis.

It's surprising to see NPR using this incident as an indication that China is serious about fixing their product-safety record. How exactly is this example going to do that?

What is clear is China has been operating as the ultimate in free market capitalism (Greed is Good was the mantra of the new economy unleashed in China). And it is also clear that China has no rule of law and can freely execute whoever they deem fit based on the current mood of the land. Today's execution brought to you by public anger over "rule X" not getting followed. But if one violates "rule Y", the reward will be unlimited wealth. So how effective is that example?

How do you get good people to enter government? I'll bet you don't use arbitrary laws that make one the scapegoat when things go badly wrong.

Your turn now.

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