Wednesday :: Jul 11, 2007

More Progress in Iraq

by soccerdad

Despite the "surge" which according to the Bush Regime is demonstrating "better than expected" progress we have this:

At least 20 mortar rounds and Katyusha rockets struck the fortified Green Zone yesterday afternoon, killing an American service member and two other people in an attack on the heart of US and Iraqi government facilities in the capital.

The other two killed were an Iraqi and a person of unknown nationality, according to a statement from the US Embassy. About 18 people were injured, including two US military personnel and three American contract employees, the statement said.

Brigadier General Abdul Kareem Khalaf, a spokesman for Iraq's Interior Ministry, said 20 mortar shells and rockets had struck, while another source in the ministry put the number of blasts at more than 30.

In March there were 17 attacks on the Green Zone while in May there were 39, And back in April there was the suicide bombing. Unpreturbed

A US Embassy spokesman said that he could not confirm whether the embassy was a target and that the frequent attacks on the Green Zone are not a barometer of the security situation in the capital.
"There's fire into the Green Zone virtually every day, so I can't draw any conclusions about the security situation based on that," he said.

But if you can't protect the Green Zone then .. Ah hell they don't care, just keep spinning the crap. And, finally, in an incident symbolic of our progress in Iraq

Yesterday's attack occurred the same day gunmen kidnapped Iraqi police Colonel Mahmoud Muhyi Hussein, who directs security inside the Green Zone, as he was driving in the central Baghdad neighborhood of Jadriya. There was no word on his fate late in the day.

I think we all know his fate. Yes progress indeed, just for the wrong side.

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