Wednesday :: Jul 11, 2007

Chertoff's Gut Feeling

by Steve

We have spent billions on a consolidated Department of Homeland Security and to consolidate our intelligence gathering activities under a Director of Intelligence, ostensibly to make coordination of these activities more effective. Yet for what other reason is the hapless Michael Chertoff telling us that “his gut” tells him that Al Qaeda wants to hit us now because they seem to like the summer, other than to scare us some more into believing that we need to stay in Iraq to stop exactly this type of attack?

If the Bush Fear Machine six years after 9/11 still sees a need to scare the base with threats like this to justify the Escalation To Nowhere, then its time for Jay Rockefeller and Silvestre Reyes to drag Chertoff's butt to a hearing. Chertoff says that their concerns about Al Qaeda stem from their resurgence and regrouping in the areas along the Pakistan/Afghanistan border. If this is the reason for the new fear campaign, Democrats need to ask why then did the Bush Administration encourage Pervez Musharraf to allow the Taliban and Al Qaeda to regroup there in the first place?

Bin Laden is still free nearly six years after Tora Bora because Bush needs him to be free.

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