Thursday :: Jul 12, 2007

Pelosi Gets April Withdrawal Bill Passed

by Steve

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Nancy Pelosi got HR 2956 passed today with a 223-201 vote, losing only 10 Democrats and picking up 4 Republicans. The measure requires the withdrawal of troops to begin within 120 days and to be completed by April 1, 2008.

And who were the ten Democrats who voted against an April 2008 withdrawal date and against the wishes of over 70% of the American public?


Boren and Taylor were the only two Democrats who voted against the pro-union Employee Free Choice Act.

Marshall and Taylor were the only two Democrats who voted in favor of the escalation back in February.

And to our troll critics who sat on their asses and supported their do-nothing GOP Congress for six years, please note that Pelosi has tackled and passed every one of her "100 Hours" agenda items in her first six months, including today's vote on an Iraq withdrawal. The only thing stopping enactment of most of these popular measures is the obstructionist do-nothing GOP caucus in the Senate, and a president with a 26% approval rating who is stalling for January 2009.

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