Friday :: Jul 13, 2007

Strange Summer Daze USA

by paradox

Very different and detrimental organizational behavior is occurring in the country’s alleged flagship of “journalism,” the New York Times, such strange goings on that even weary, disgusted and jaded readers like myself are becoming morbidly fascinated, reading and watching the paper daily again, drawn to the spectacle of implosion and waiting to see what kind of organizational shell emerges from the many internal concussions.

To recap: after learning nothing after the humiliating failure of Whitewater except honing their denial skills, the New York Times fell flat on its professional face with its Iraq war coverage. It got so glaringly obvious the proudly fossilized ego-bloated Times finally gurgled forth a comically inept mea culpa, but at least they tried.

18 months later fast forwarded to our present summer of love and the gray old lady is on the propaganda Michael Gordon needle again, damn, and again, much quicker this time at least, the paper issues a correction scold from its Public Editor, Clark Hoyt, but again no one is held accountable, everyone knows Gordon will keep his job and the paper continues its propaganda binge in other avenues unabated.

It’s as if the Times manufactured infant seatbelt couplings that turned out to be defective. The product soaked the market and 10,000 kids came back dead and maimed in a year, so the horrified Times issues a public retraction and apology, yet in the very next year ship the precise same coupling in a different seat! Another public correction comes forth, but simultaneously the institution is shipping the deadly couplings as the repetitive public correction for them is being held out front with microphones.

This concept of “flagship” often attributed to the New York Times, this absurd mental construction of proud competent officers helming a mighty journalistic vessel in seas cohabited with less capable craft, this is complete horseshit, of course, but there is something to be said for one of the most prominent journalism shops in the country as sort of a bell weather of health for the “journalism” industry in the US, the always-falling barometer of mediocrity a nice measurement device recording clearly the decline of US “journalism.”

The New York Times obviously has an effect on the flow of news in the US market, to what degree no one really knows, but no one would deny it’s significant, so how the institution performs is relevant to the health of the country. In that perspective some would state it’s gotten so bad the country would be better off if the Times imploded to oblivion, but that won’t happen, so all concerned citizens can do is watch and wearily hope the clueless chumps can do better, maybe the insanity of war with Iran won’t happen if the corrections keep coming and we won’t turn a lot of innocent kids into corpses. Again.

How jarringly morbid it all is, the glaring published mental contradictions tap-dancing in real time to a casualty count that ticks upward every day, a puppy President on the leash of Satan’s handmaiden lying and bullying the country into more senseless and insane death, day after day, year after year.

I remember summers that seemed eternal in their dry lazy heat, sleepy news months of peace where the #1 movie of the season and the price of gas, ticking outrageously upward ten cents a gallon to $1.75, truly seemed important. The entire northern hemisphere hummed with extra work and fun right along with the extra sunlight, still another day of light after work to eagerly be human in an American world of great food, a good tan, music, baseball, sex, movies, books and gardening, it all seemed so natural, like the world and country we had so proudly built for all to see could never let us down, peace and prosperity beaming down like the sunshine every year.

Now the President babbles and lies after threatening yet more insanity with Iran, debt and corpses get stacked ever higher despite the screaming psychotic sickness of it all, years of it, and right in front of us on a tense wartime July Friday 2007 the New York Times sputters, cranks and ultimately splats forth yet more blatant confusing contradiction, a jarring, unsettling spectacle of self-immolation going on right now, today.

It’s only July 13th (Friday the13th) in long, long weird summer, a creeping apprehension that events will become yet more bizarre, somehow, if that were possible. If the New York Times can self-destruct in credibility now, what will August and September bring?

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