Saturday :: Jul 14, 2007

Saturday Night Scattershot -- Open Thread –

by paradox

One thing I always liked about Saturday night surfing is the too-little employed life tactic of laying low, you know? When it’s you and the pixels all night very little or no money will be spent, no risks taken on the open road, no exposures to pathogens or communicable diseases, no lamentable let-downs experienced from a bum movie or restaurant. The safe, prudent, stable life, it has to happen to all of us.

Everybody’s into acceptance around here about it, no worries, drop a note about anything you like if so inclined, it’s what the surf on Saturday night is all about.

*/ I got up early yesterday to write that post on the New York Times, then got called away to other things before I could do my usual url cruise until much later in the day, so I completely missed the ongoing absurdity of Michael Gordon and imploding credibility of the Times they kept up at that very morning.

Basically Gordon tries to come across as some myth-busting reality-seeking hotshot on the scoop for the reader, when in fact it was he himself who constructed the laughable precepts he then so pompously debunks. Greenwald calls it disorienting, but I’m very familiar with this amazing, so-childish mental evasion of American journalists to simply make up any reality convenient to whatever lying they want to get away with that day. It’s what propaganda outlets and their functionary toadies do every day.

*/ I was grimly amused to see Kevin Drum go through the code bitch evolution of the favicon, a semi-stupid web trick that has grown on me over the years, I actually like them now, even if getting them to work in all browsers is ridiculous. Kevin’s favicon from The Washington Monthly finally showed up about five days after his code did, totally typical, and it’s a lot like him: staid, plain, pleasant, conformist.

I may be a harsh judge of favicons, for my screen here has a resolution of 1920 x 1200, but ico files may negate screen resolution, I don’t know. Anyway, by far my favorite favicon is from Feministing, I never thought a favicon could be tartly sexy but there it is. Other favorites are Pandagon and Creek Running North.

‘Night, mi amigos, take it away.

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