Sunday :: Jul 15, 2007

Americans More Pessimistic

by Mary

Rasmussen reports that Americans are increasingly pessimistic and a majority believes our best days are behind us. You will not be surprised to learn that whites, men, and Republicans are not quite so pessimistic. But women, blacks and Democrats are much likelier to think things are going to hell in a handbasket.

As befits a polling organization which consistently finds that people believe the media has a liberal bias, this result should be predictable.

Almost three fifths (58%) would prefer fewer government services and lower taxes. Twenty-four percent (24%) would rather have more government and more taxes. Just a plurality of Democrats (43%) side with the tradeoff of lower taxes but fewer services, as opposed to 76% of GOP voters willing to take that deal.

Isn't if funny how those who will feel the cut in benefits the least are the most anxious to see benefits cut? One wonders who will be left taking care of their parents or providing health care or even educating their kids. Oh, that's right. That's the woman's problem.

Cheney's selfishness now affects all of the Rush cult and it seems a large portion of the white male Republicans. Let someone else take care of the needy or the overworked or the unlucky. The "I'm in it for myself gang" would rather have taxes go to paying for the war profiteers and to greedily dream that one day they too will be Dick Cheney or Bill Gates.

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