Monday :: Jul 16, 2007

Ramping Up 2008 Coverage

by Steve

As all the 2008 candidates have their FEC campaign contribution reports come out, it is clear that Democrats are more energized. It is also clear that both Hillary and Obama will be in this race for the long haul, as Obama reports having $34 million cash on hand after the first half of the year, and Hillary has $33 million. This dwarfs the figures from the leading GOP contenders, and demonstrates how eight years of Bush/Cheney can be the elixir for the Democrats and poison for the GOP.

Here at The Left Coaster, the time is right to pay more attention to the 2008 race and the daily and weekly developments for each candidate, and to have a little fun with the GOP field. We are recruiting contributing editors to cover the Democratic candidates, and to write humorous pieces covering the GOP field, all in an effort to provide more information on Campaign 2008. We are looking for writers who can be the assigned reporter/analyst for a Democratic candidate, who can write several pieces a week of between 4-8 paragraphs on the latest developments with that candidate, whether it be their most recent policy proposal, their most recent debate performance, or daily news on that candidate. We are looking for factual and well-written material, with some solid analysis as to how the candidate is doing relative to the rest of the field and how well the media is covering them.

As for coverage of the GOP field, this sad-sack group of losers only deserves snark and derision, so we are therefore looking for writers who can produce such pieces as the material presents itself (Hello, Low and Lefters). With this group, such material arises damn near every day.

If you are interested in being the Obama reporter, the Edwards reporter, the Hillary reporter, and so on; or if you are interested for example in gleefully lampooning Rudy Giuliani several times a week, all unfortunately without pay of course, please send me and Mary a sample of your writing on the candidate of your choice to the email addresses on the left of the blog. Mary and I will get back to you.

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