Monday :: Jul 16, 2007

Mid-Day Update

by Steve

Joe Wilson announced his endorsement of Hillary Clinton today.

Harry Reid threw the gauntlet down to Mitch McConnell today and told the Senate there will be a vote on the Levin-Reed redepolyment bill today or tomorrow, and if the GOP filibusters such a vote, Reid will keep the Senate in session all night Tuesday.
(Hat tip to Bob Geiger)

George Voinovich, who has had several opportunities to break with the White House on Iraq over the last several months, but who keeps voting against Democratic efforts to change course, comes out again with a self-serving media plug that Greg Sargent correctly notes is just another example of a “waverer in name only.” As I have said repeatedly contrary to what other bloggers say, there will be GOP defections between now and September, and it will be the GOP that forces Bush’s hand in September into a course change. But until I see those votes, weenies like Voinovich are simply pathetic.

On Saturday the Iraqi government said 1) they could take over their own security; 2) we could leave whenever we wanted to; and 3) al-Maliki was fed up with Petraeus. On Sunday, they said “nevermind”. And these are the guys we are expecting to stand up on their own and take responsibility for political reconciliation? I hope they enjoy their August vacation.

Novak comes clean and admits that Rove has been a source of his for decades.

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