Monday :: Jul 16, 2007

Is Kucinich Clueless?

by soccerdad

This was the question asked by Kurt Nimmo following the recent dustup caused by Edwards and Clinton seemingly agreeing to cooperate to limit participation in future presidential debates. Kucinich then went on to accuse them of “conspiracy to rig the presidential election”. Kurt then goes on to say:

Good one, Dennis.

It is not so much that the “presidency is for sale” rather than it is a fixed horse race, the horses picked and groomed by the global elite. It has nothing to do with Forrest Gump or not running a campaign. It has to do with the winner decided in advance and everything that follows is little more than a homecoming float rolled out to bedazzle the masses, who mostly believe everything they are told, even the ruse they live in a “democracy,” as Dennis would have it

I don’t agree with this at all. It gives horse racing a bad name to be included in this mess that passes for “democracy”. Of course as everyone knows we don’t live in a democracy but a representative republic. But anyway, I think a much more fitting analogy would be professional wrestling. It’s crass, loud, fixed, complete with sex, drugs, and all the evidence you want right out there in the open that it is indeed fixed. The idea that “the people” matter in this country is an antiquated concept contained in middle school textbooks for the purpose of brainwashing the sheeple. Let’s be clear, neither party gives a rat’s ass about the average people, just ask the poor in New Orleans. I remember reading That Rahm had told Dems not to discuss New Orleans even though it should have been a giant club to bash Repubs with in the 2006 elections. But I guess its better not to make promises that you aren’t going to keep [ gee I can write comedy!!. Each party would be perfectly happy to have only 3 people vote in the national elections as long as 2 voted for them. One only needs to see the abandonment of minorities and labor by the Dems to understand that this is true. The Dems know that’s not where the money is.

So let’s look at some recent news to gain more insight into this. From today’s Washington Post Campaigns Raise, Burn More Cash, More Quickly

Candidates for the White House are not only raising far more than ever before, many are also spending that money as fast as they get it, leaving some close to being forced from the race almost six months before the first votes are cast.

So let’s also be clear that the election process is not about “ideas” but about who has the most money. So the big corporate donors give early and give big to their candidates which then force many of the others out of the race. And what you have left is for the most part a bunch of barely distinguishable candidates who represent the interests of their sponsors. I’m sure some of the rhetoric from Clinton, Obama, and Edwards will sound good, appearing to support the average joe. Of course this is not new as we know from Bill Clinton who sold out his base with NAFTA. But maybe if we get lucky they will throw us a crumb or two

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