Tuesday :: Jul 17, 2007

Brent Wilkes Trial

by Mary

Brent Wilkes, the infamous corrupter of Duke Cunningham and long time friend of former third in command at the CIA, Dusty Foggo, is soon to go on trial, so Ken Silverstein asked Seth Hettena some questions about what to expect. My favorite?

5. What are some of the lesser-known revelations from the court papers and your book?
One interesting item was that Foggo apparently mentioned to a number of CIA associates that he was considering running for Duke Cunningham’s seat in congress after Cunningham retired. Also, and this is one of my favorite stories in the book, Wilkes in the early-1990s was working for a defense contractor in San Diego who was having problems with a procurement official at the Pentagon. So Wilkes and Foggo cooked up a plot whereby they recruited a couple of off-duty cops, one who was a very attractive woman. She struck up a flirty conversation with the procurement official and basically induced him to come to Florida. Foggo had arranged a hotel room and they taped the official getting drunk and making threatening comments about Wilkes’s boss. Wilkes went back to San Diego and played the tape for his boss–he also asked for $20,000 to cover his expenses–and his boss said, this is great, I’ll take it to the authorities. Wilkes said, don’t do that, the procurement official will just get fired and his replacement could be just as much trouble. Just hold on to the tape, with this you own the guy.

No wonder he got such good deals.

Updated to add context.

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