Tuesday :: Jul 17, 2007

Celebrating Blogtopia: Photostream & Gallery

by paradox

I am truly grateful at this stage of my life, this entrancing tiptoe through the tulips of joyous American tapestry, at the insistence of life to pleasantly surprise me in the unlikeliest of places.

I’ve always appreciated photojournalism, of course, but until I truly wandered into blog photostream and gallery recently I had no idea to the calming effect of good imagery collection, the almost-always result of reflection and thinking that I would normally never would have experienced without looking through the images.

This was no organic leap of growth, all right? The truth is that one day at Feministing my eye wandered to an image in their incomparable photostream archive, a picture of a woman in a bra and apron with a sign that said My cooking sucks, but at least I do too! or something to that effect. That I had to check out and I was gone in those amazing flickr photostreams, I find them remarkably good.

Then I started looking for gallery and Photostream deliberately and have been gratefully pleased ever since, I had no idea this level of talent was out there and it is a blessing from heaven to prowl my favorite image galleries when I start thinking about Democrats too much.

Just three more of some of my other favorite photostream/galleries, if anyone knows of any more please let us know in the comments, I want to check them out.

The incomparable Alan Chin, Bagnewsnotes.
Scout and the dear old gang from Duncan’s place, First Draft
Arlington West, Veterans for Peace

Have a good afternoon, everyone.

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