Tuesday :: Jul 17, 2007

Republicans Actually Not Going to Commit Politcal Suicide?

by paradox

It's always puzzled me my the GOP is prepared to commit political suicide for George Bush; in the end it usually came down to an inability to ever give in or lose to liberals, an irrationality so profound they'll stick with Bush for it.

According to Scott Horton at Harper's, however, the warnings have been sent to Bush the gig is almost up. Is he right?

I have no idea--I'd be glad if he was, of course, but Republicans are not my main study or my area of concern, I only care that they always lose elections. In this case I'd be thrilled if they came to their senses and chucked Bush, the country needs it and we're kicking their asses in 2008 anyway.

h/t Melanie, Just a Bump in the Beltway

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