Wednesday :: Jul 18, 2007

Dingell and Global Warming

by soccerdad

From today's LA Times

A MILLION YEARS of compression and heat may someday convert Rep. John D. Dingell (D-Mich.) into petroleum, just as it did the other dinosaurs. Unfortunately, by then there may be no humans left to pump a few gallons of Dingell into their Hummers, because the climate change he is so gleefully ignoring may have rendered us extinct.

He has always opposed legislation that would have any negative impact on Detroit. But what is much more surprsing is that his opposition to global warming in general is becoming more obvious

....he now seems determined to poison the debate on global warming. Earlier this month, he said he would introduce a bill creating a carbon tax on fossil fuel use. Dingell admits he's designing the bill to fail. Apparently, his aim is to demonstrate to fellow Democrats that Americans aren't willing to pay a price to solve climate change and that politicians will suffer for trying.

Dingell's mockery of a solution that many of the nation's most prominent economists and environmentalists (as well as this editorial page) have endorsed is juvenile and destructive.

Given a choice between doing what's best for their corporate sponsors or what's good for all their constituents, many politicians. Rep or Dems will make the obvious choice. Keep the money flowing.

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