Thursday :: Jul 19, 2007

Folks Get Unruly

by paradox

I was fascinated to see a first-hand account of the Democratic Congressional rally Tuesday night confirm what I had felt and seen three weeks ago: something snapped and changed with a fury in the Democratic base after the latest Iraq war funding approval. Chicago Dyke of Corrente relays the eyewitness account of Hectate at the rally, where plain passionate American Democratic patriots acted out in a “sea change” of fury.

All the Democratic leadership was rudely, incessantly lobbed with loud verbal bombs, “Pelosi [having] a difficult time delivering her remarks,” as Reid and Schumer were pelted with feisty back-talk that did not stop. Hectate said “she’d never been to a demonstration like this.”

On one level it’s a relief, for I know precisely how that crowd felt Tuesday night: seething impatience with a burning, instant revulsion to any excuse or rationalization as to why Bush won’t be impeached or the war stopped. I wasn’t alone with my anger; our leaders have failed too many times, too much blood has been spilled with for nothing, and much that we cherish in our country as patriots crushed partly because the leadership we trusted to defend it failed. Then kept failing—there simply comes a point in time, after all the years of failure, where only results matter, and nothing else from the leadership works at all, not logic, not partisanship, not reason. I call it the “flipping point.”

Relief was instantly replaced with a fairly severe distress, for Hectate noted what I knew too: MoveOn and VoteVets won’t like it, and in the future my very own leadership will reject and avoid me.

I wish I could convey how much that distresses me. I desperately want to be a team player, a tiny cog of written activism and small contributions that actively helps improve our country and beats Republicans. According to guys like Eli Pariser and Harry Reid I’m very likely counter-productive, destructive, while all this time all I’ve ever wanted to do was help and take orders in a collective environment, the only one we have a chance to win in with the forces arrayed against us.

I know it’s strange, but if I trust and like my leadership I am the most ridiculously subservient, helpful, supportive, amazingly energetic and productive worker. I kid you not, I even keep my mouth shut and do whatever I’m told until it’s done, doesn’t matter who tells me or how, 12 hours a day, every day, sometimes 16 hours. How I hate not being that person for MoveOn and VoteVets, how it mortifies me so that if Nancy Pelosi could look me in the face impatient contempt would be her visage upon my tiny rebellious ass.

I thought it hurt when Senate Democrats all sided with Joe Lieberman for some insane non-binding warmongering with Iran in a queasy “sense of the Senate," writing they were “terrible, terrible politicians” for it in the comments of one of my works cross-posted at the Daily Kos. Ten recommendations flew off the piece, ‘n Jeeeeeeeesus I still shrink from the shame of it. To let down your very own Kossarians, some of the best Americans in the country!

At this time and place as a weary, tiny, belated Democrat all I can offer my leadership is a sincere pledge, followed with a warning: I will be there for the 2008 nominee. No matter what happens, no matter how many times I slip up and vehemently eviscerate y’all in blog comments, I will still vote the straight Democratic ticket, still contribute all I can to the nominee, still try to help. I love my country too much and there is so much to do in recovery from Bush I could never do anything else.

Even if Hillary is the nominee, Bush not impeached and the Iraq occupation still raging bloodily on. Verily, I have been through the flipping point, made it and passed through to the other side on a plane of 85% acceptance, still a registered Democrat, still pledging to help.

The warning is this, in the most grave and acid imperative I can convey: see all those screaming and yelling patriots at the rally? See all the impeachment demi-gods prowling the liberal blogs, their hordes of shouting masses rumbling ever the more loudly for change on the war and impeachment? They have not processed failure and the status quo after the flipping point to reach acceptance, oh no not hardly at all, and when they do they’re going to savage the Democratic leadership precisely with the venom described at the rally: with a searing roaring fury never seen before, a howling pain of betrayal that’s going to do serious damage to the party, extent unknown. I pray the Democratic 2008 nominee still wins in spite of it.

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