Friday :: Jul 20, 2007

September Just Turned Into Summer 2008

by Steve

On the same day that the White House is telling its supporters in Congress that September is simply an evaluation period and not time for a course change, a senior American commander says that he needs to stay in Baghdad at least until the summer of 2008 at his escalated force levels before American forces can possibly leave. He doesn't indicate where the troops will come from to maintain those levels that long.

"It's going to take through (this) summer, into the fall, to defeat the extremists in my battle space, and it's going to take me into next spring and summer to generate this sustained security presence," he said, referring to an Iraqi capability to hold gains made by U.S. forces.

Note that Lynch is saying he can clear his area of insurgents by the fall of 2007, but needs to stay until at least well into next year before the Iraqis can stand on their own. And if they can’t?

You won’t be alone in thinking that our entire war planning in Iraq is being built around keeping the troops at high levels until just before the November elections, so that Bush and the GOP can declare victory and then turn a small withdrawal into an election prop.

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