Saturday :: Jul 21, 2007

Saturday Night Scattershot // Open Thread

by paradox

It’s slow summer times, Saturday night, another frolic in the political pixels to sustain our American spirits. Yeah. So without further ado, it’s a scattershot and best wishes for a fine Saturday night, may your cruise through the universe be at peace and in good health this evening.

*/ Just to riff a little on what Glenn Greenwald wrote Friday, the Democrats have asked for abuse by not fighting back, yes, but even when Leahy, Conyers and Waxman try they are beginning to get boxed in by a nasty paradox.

Even with an enabling pliant media 57% of the country has figured out Bush is the worst of all time and should be impeached. When Leahy, Waxman or Conyers dig up yet another outrage or yet another scandal it starts to get ridiculous and backfire. Surely an outsider would look at the behavior and say: look at them poor Democrats, they spend all their time proving Bush is the worst of all time when everybody knows it anyway and then are too boneheaded to do anything about it.

By making a huge fuss but not impeaching investigating Democrats in fact spur Bush on to more abuses, for it simply proves no matter what he does he’ll finish his term. By trying to weaken him with scandal they in fact make him stronger. Paradox can be a toughie, guys, sorry.

It also seethes the 57% of have already made up their minds in fuming impatience that something get done as more abuses are uncovered. Our people aren’t motivated by investigation, they’re angry and burnt by it.

Sorry to beat up on my own people yet again, truly. Relevant truth is never ignored at The Left Coaster, and if it makes my people, the Democratic Party, look like weak chumps then that’s tough shit. Denying it won’t make it better, and it’s my party, too.

*/ Speaking of relevant truth, it’s a sad day when Nancy Pelosi approves $25 billion in giveaways to corporate agribusiness, all so her freshmen are assured their seats next election. Funny, I didn’t know Monsanto and ADM had votes in those districts. Always nice to be riding the waves of progressive change with my vote, Miz Off The Table.

Night, all. I’m in good spirits even with two downer elements to post, that’s just the way July 21st worked out, no problem.

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