Tuesday :: Jul 24, 2007

Specter Wants A Special Prosecutor

by Steve

"I’m not making any progress here."
--A frustrated Arlen Specter snapping at Alberto Gonzales today

Arlen Specter threw a few bombs at Alberto today, not the least of which is the prospect of a Special Prosecutor and a trial in the Senate. This came during a hearing where both Chuck Schumer exposed Gonzo as a hapless liar and Pat Leahy saw enough to look towards a perjury charge.

"Now we've been exploring some alternatives," Specter said, noting that "the attorney general has the authority to appoint a special prosecutor." He told Gonzales, "You're recused, but somebody else could do it."
Specter added, "We also have the alternative of convening the Senate and having a contempt citation and trying it in the Senate."

If Specter means it, he and Leahy should have no trouble getting the Judiciary Committee to pass a resolution calling for such an appointment, and to get that resolution passed by the full Senate with significant bipartisan support, making it difficult for the Bush Administration to blow that off.

That wouldn't stop Joe Lieberman from defending Gonzales, but only the insane still listen to Joe.

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