Thursday :: Jul 26, 2007

Open Thread - Alberto Cooked?

by Steve

There were several major stories of note Wednesday that deserve attention.

Alberto On Thin Ice

Democratic Representative Jane Harman, formerly the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee and Jay Rockefeller, chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee contradicted Alberto Gonzales’ testimony Tuesday about a congressional briefing in 2004 regarding the Terrorists Surveillance Program. Then Wednesday night, Gonzales was busted by the Associated Press and tagged for perjuring himself at Tuesday’s testimony. Arlen Specter has already warned Gonzales against perjuring himself. And Pat Leahy has now threatened a perjury probe.


Democratic senators Hillary Clinton and Bob Casey, Jr. took the lead Wednesday in putting Bush on notice that any veto of the SCHIP expansion would be met with a bipartisan effort to overturn that veto.

Permanent Bases Ban

Nancy Pelosi got the House to pass a ban on permanent bases in Iraq Wednesday, and John Murtha believes he will have bipartisan support for a new redeployment plan of his that demands troop withdrawals starting this fall but with no firm end date.

Specter Going After Roberts and Alito?

Specter announced Wednesday that he would open an investigation of Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Samuel Alito to see if they misled the Senate at their confirmation hearings about their respect for precedent.

Hillary Widens Lead

Hillary has widened her lead in both New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Getting Back to the Agenda

After my complaints earlier that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi need to get back to the agenda to continue driving a wedge into the GOP caucus, I'm glad to see that they are now doing just that.

OK, it's your turn.

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