Thursday :: Jul 26, 2007

Too Much Time Left for Bush—and Democrats

by paradox

As George Bush soon sets a record for the most unpopular modern president ever—naturally the worst of all time would be the most loathed—it’s noteworthy how much time is left in his presidency. Truman and Nixon pegged their records of popular failure right at the end of their terms, their aura of revered country leadership long in tatters and everyone eagerly looking forward to a fresh presidency.

Yet our George is imploding with approximately 16 months left in his term, oblivious even now to the serious animosity engendered by commuting Libby and keeping Gonzo. It almost defies belief that soon Bush and Cheney again will trot out a horrifying Army toady to prolong the Iraq war by lying to Americans about why our troops must die to make everyone less safe, but they really think they can get away with it again.

Bush also thinks $12 billion a month for the Iraq debacle is just fine while he vetoes health insurance for kids, the housing market collapsing as food and energy prices skyrocket. Look closely, this is the most arrogant, stupid, self-destructive political behavior one will ever see a President perform, created by a man who has always been sheltered from the failures he always left everywhere.

Right on cue little felon has Bush walked off the cliff in his latest job to a complete cluster, it’s all the little shit has done all his life, but it’s not even dog days of August before another year is left of the most unpopular president ever, the worst president ever. Bush is gambling that he can continue to heinously lie as our troops die and our people suffer with no consequence for an amazing amount of time.

Such an amazing amount, in fact, that Bush has to lose that gamble. It’s completely unclear at this point what Bush and Cheney’s ultimate consequence will be, but no way in hell will it just be record unpopular poll numbers, there’s just far too much time left to ponder all those who have died and been maimed. Forces of enormous poignancy and power to stop the war are at work that care not a whit for lies, rationalizations, or distractions, not this time, and they may even smash change for Iraq this fall with the defense authorization bill. Maybe.

Our Democratic DC political leadership and intelligentsia are still clueless that the remedy to the constitutional crisis screaming at them in the face is to remove the Executive, give up the Iraq occupation and take the gamble that the uncertain caretaker leadership left in the White House for whatever is left of Bush’s term is the only alternative left for the country. It’s a lot better than war with Iran, it’s that simple.

It doesn’t take 17 Senate votes, it takes ten. As Armando at Talk Left so astutely pointed out to the too-young Josh Marshall, Congress does--really really--have the power of the purse, and with easily attainable leadership there are ten Republican Senate votes to shut down the war this Fall, and soon, one way or another, Bush and Cheney will be gone too.

Think about it: all George and his puppet master have left is their insane war. Shut it down, take it away from them in a humiliating disgrace of failure and they will resign, or soon go babbling insane (just like Gilliard predicted) knowing they have 10% approval ratings with Congress taking their power and testicles from them, and then resign, walked firmly out of office in a dreamy haze of medications.

If Reid allows the Senate to go into August recess with Gonzo still in place and Leahy’s gamble that public humiliation didn’t work (again), with Democrats looking like clueless crybabies who can’t perform the simplest and most urgent of political functions by knifing Gonzo (again), all that should tell the reader is that our Democratic party leadership still desperately needs a ticket to the clue train, still oblivious to their duty and easily attainable power, uncomprehending that the America they know really can have—and survive—a caretaker president. It really can.

How I wish with all my heart, truly, a desperate yearning so carefully devoid of ego and anger, that Reid and Pelosi heed my warning: if they choose not to take the extremely difficult, uncertain, and totally necessary dangerous path to ending the war and the Bush presidency they will be held partly responsible by citizens of the United States. Rationality and fairness will have nothing to do with it, and a hurricane of damage will be inflicted upon the Democratic Party.

Markos Moulitsas sees and feels the powers at work, actually going so far as to threatening banning members from the Daily Kos if they got profane in their disagreements over impeachment. Remember the filibuster vigil last week when the party faithful so rudely screamed and yelled at you the whole time to stop funding the war and impeach Bush? The signs are there, if not in denial.

No one knows, of course, how extensive the damage will be if Reid and Pelosi childishly cling to the status quo, but it will threaten what should be a record Democratic blowout in 2008 and saddle our next Democratic President with a horrible burden, responsibility that should have been vested upon Bush and left (Hillary?) free to repair the country.

It will also leave a historical record of tolerating the worst president of all time. Holy Jesus, the Democratic party is going to pay and pay and pay for that if events really work out that way.

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