Thursday :: Jul 26, 2007

Edwards Nails Tax Fairness

by Steve

Notwithstanding my posts over the last two days about Hillary, John Edwards announced his tax fairness proposals today, and nailed both the substance and the messaging to sell it. He is proposing a new set of savings vehicles for working class wage earners, an expansion of the earned income tax credit, and a middle class tax cut, all to be financed by undoing the benefits Bush has larded upon the wealthy and corporations. It’s a good package, and sold with great messaging. I now eagerly await the response from Clinton and Obama.

Obama for his part today said the most important thing for the next president would be to unite the country, a slap at Hillary for allegedly being another polarizing presence after Bush. I’m sure Joe Lieberman is happy. As I have said before, a call to unite the country without holding the GOP accountable for the last seven years is a recipe for a free pass, and an invitation to the GOP to once again treat the Democrats and the country as a doormat. I want to hear Obama talk about accountability.

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