Saturday :: Jul 28, 2007

More Justice Department Shenanigans

by Mary

When Alberto Gonzales was testifying before the Senate this week, one area of questioning that didn't get much notice was the questions that Diane Feinstein asked about changes to the DOJ manual covering how electoral fraud investigations should be handled. The latest revision of the manual published May 2007 has dropped some significant sections that were operative in the 2004 and 2006 elections.

One of the sections dropped concerned how close to an election could investigations be started without looking like they were intruding into the election outcome.

Election fraud cases often depend on the testimony of individual voters whose votes were co-opted in one way or another. But in most cases voters should not be interviewed, or other voter-related investigation done, until after the election is over. Such overt investigative steps may chill legitimate voting activities. They are also likely to be perceived by voters and candidates as an intrusion into the election. Indeed, the fact of a federal criminal investigation may itself become an issue in the election.

As Paul Kiel notes, it was precisely this passage that made the prosecutions that Bradley Schlozman launched against ACORN during the 2006 election in Kansas so problematic.

So now that they've gotten rid of US Attorneys that didn't believe they should prosecute Democrats for non-existent charges, they are going back to "fix" the manual so that the current attorneys don't have to worry about not following the book as they corrupt our elections. Nice.

And Abu Gonzales didn't know anything about this either.

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