Sunday :: Jul 29, 2007

Selling Arms to the Saudis

by soccerdad

Well that didn't take long to completely confuse me. Shortly after letting us know that they were unhappy about the Saudis' support of Sunni insurgents who kill US troops in Iraq we find out that the US is going to sell $20 billion of sophisticated arms to Saudi Aarabi and other Gulf States. Despite a personal relationship between the Saudi royal family and the Bush family, based on the oil busines and love of power, there has always been evidence that the Saudis don't take a commitment to America all that seriously. OBL was a Saudi as were many of those involved in 9/11. As discussed previously, the Saudis have been supporting the Sunni insurgents in Iraq. What's hard to tease out is the role of the govenment in all this. It may just be passive.

The arms proposal also include a substantial increase in arm sales to Israel. Israel appears to be happy with the overall plan.

"We understand the United States' need to assist the moderate Arab states, which are standing in one front with the United States and us in the struggle against Iran," Olmert said, referring to Tehran's nuclear program.
Washington is striving to assure Gulf allies, worried by the growing strength of Iran and war in Iraq, that the United States is committed to the region and will stand by them, with arms sales part of that process, U.S. officials say.

We have this take on things by IOZ

Anyway, this all falls under my own maxim: Don't listen to what they say; look at what they do. In this case, category Say is "prevent a wider regional war" and category Do is "pour billions of dollars worth of arms into the fragile, quarrelsome, precarious neighbors of an escalating civil war ever percolating under an American occupation. The Congresscrats make oppositional noises on this one, but like their howler monkey counterparts, they're much smaller than their voices. Never dangerous. Timid. Easily spooked.

So we have is the typical cold war approach of arming the people who don't hate you, they don't love you either, to counter the people who do hate you.

"The Iranians have been acting for the last six months like nobody can stop them," Patrick Clawson of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy said in an interview. "Now, the United States and its friends in the Middle East are showing Iran that, in fact they've got lots of resources, which, if need be, they can use to check the Iranian ambitions." ABC News

The overall aim seems to be to contain Iran. But wasn't that what Saddam was doing? What Saddam wasn't doing was cooperating with the US regarding the sale of oil. Saddam was favoring China who had, along with Russia, contracts in place to repair the oil infrastructure. And if the overal aim is contain Iran why are backing a Iraqi government made up of many who have allegiance to Iraq? Are they simply the best available puppets?

Of course a simple explanation for all this is complete incompetence. An alternative, incomplete hypothesis is that the US wants to destroy the country making it easier to control. So far there may be as many as a million dead Iraqis, 2-4 million have left the country, and another 2-4 million living as refugees in their own country in make shift camps. So with upwards of 1/3 the population dead or made ineffectual, the Bush administration seems on its way to accomplishing the destruction of the country. Meanwhilee the soft partioning of the country being carried out via militias and ethnic cleansing of cities also seems well along. Thereore, the Bush administration appears ready to assume control of the country once the ethnic and secterian divisions in Iraq, with the urging of the US, manage to kill off each other.

And as a final point, there is the obvious hypocrisy of supporting countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia which are becoming less democratic not more so. But since the democratization of the ME was always nothing more than just a cover story for imperialism and acquisition of energy resources, I guess we shouldn't be surprised.

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