Tuesday :: Jul 31, 2007

Rewarding Failure

by Steve

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Obviously the Bush Administration is much better at handing out weapons than they are at negotiations and diplomacy. And they also seemingly have no heartburn at watching two cabinet secretaries look like jilted suitors.

Condi and Defense Secretary Bob Gates were dispatched to meet with our allies in the Middle East to obtain increased support for the Iraqi government. It should come as no surprise to anyone that so far that Gates and Twin Mirrors have got nothing to show for their efforts. And remember, we are getting the cold shoulder from Arab regimes only days after we gave them huge arms packages without any apparent strings.

Then again, do you blame the Arab countries? Why would they agree to become more invested in the solution inside Iraq when they know the Cheney Administration wants them to support a war-by-proxy sectarian killing field in Iraq?

Why would any Arab country agree to throw money down a rat hole to a country riddled with high-level political corruption condoned by the Prime Minister?

Why would any Arab country sign on to provide more help when they see no evidence that our failed policies will change after General Petraeus’s report in September?

Why would any Arab country sign on to help when we have made no effort to broker a regional security agreement with Iraq’s neighbors?

Why would any Arab country get off their asses to help when they know we will never leave and are quite willing to let our soldiers die until at least 2009 for an Iraqi government that can’t even get a quorum to do business anymore?

Why would any Arab country stick its neck out to help an American administration that will be gone soon?

And why would any Arab country help if they have already been awarded a major arms package for doing nothing? Watching the Bush Administration conduct high-level diplomacy and negotiations is like watching the worst Karaoke night at your neighborhood watering hole. If you wanted the Arab countries to step up their help towards a solution, you would obtain those pledges behind closed doors last week as a condition to getting the arms packages this week. Instead, Cheney gave them the weapons first and got the cold shoulder this week when it was clear to Iraq’s Arab neighbors that they could be rewarded for doing nothing. Of course, these countries also know that Cheney wants the status quo until 2009, so why not take the arms and do nothing until then, knowing that there will be no consequences anyway?

But I’m sure Condi got some new shoes out of the trip.

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