Wednesday :: Aug 1, 2007

Hillary Floats Anti-Bush Petition, Represents Bogeywoman to GOP

by Jeff Dinelli

In a letter to supporters, Hillary asks readers to sign a petition demanding Bush and Cheney stop playing politics with the troops in Iraq and to bring them home. Detailing her earlier feud with Defense Undersecretary Eric Edelman, who likened discussions on how to safely withdraw our men and women to “enemy propaganda,” Hillary attempts to distance herself from the administration at a time when Barack Obama is referring to her as “Bush/Cheney lite.”

At, Michael Scherer has a good piece today outlining the GOP’s targeting Hillary as all things evil. “Couldn’t get elected in France,” “beware of HillaryCare,” “Hillary can be scary,” etc., etc. The right clearly sees her as the candidate to beat, and also someone who will energize their base in a massive Beat Hillary movement in 2008. Watch for the Clinton campaign try and soften her image to lower her current 48% disapproval ratings.

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