Thursday :: Aug 2, 2007

John Edwards, Rupert Murdoch, Hillary Clinton

by John Patric

John Edwards is asking other Democratic Presidential candidates to condemn the Rupert Murdoch takeover of the Wall Street Journal and is challenging them to return Murdoch campaign contributions. This is directed at Hillary Clinton who's accepted money from the ultra-rich right-wing media baron and who allowed him to host a fundraising event on her behalf which she graciously attended.

This is the Edwards campaign's task these days: differentiate their candidate from Senator Clinton whenever possible. It's a clever way of touching on the "Republican-light" aspect of Clinton's persona -- here's the junior Senator from New York getting all chummy with the publisher of the New York Post, a newspaper that regularly bashes Democrats as treasonous and stupid.

It's certain that the Clinton campaign will find a way of artfully dodging the issue in the same way she's been able to downplay, but not express regret for, that Iraq war vote of so long ago. There's no way she'll be giving back campaign contributions to Mr. New York Media Empire.

So, John Edwards is different from Hillary Clinton. He doesn't take contributions from Rupert Murdoch, but she does. Will such tactics bring him out of his 3rd place polling numbers? Doubtful, but only steady chipping away can have an effect, barring an unlikely Clinton gaffe.

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