Friday :: Aug 3, 2007

Open Thread - YK dispatch

by Mary

Well, even more people are here than last year and I'm meeting people in the flesh for the first time that I've known in the blogosphere for years. And it wonderful to meet some of the people I rarely get to see except when we have an occasion like this. What a treat.

One of the biggest booes for the night? When they announced that although Hillary Clinton would attend the Presidential Leadership forum, she would not be attending the separate breakout session following immediately afterwards, but instead would have her senior advisor, Ann Lewis, answer questions for her. The other candidates will be taking questions directly from the YK crowd, so no wonder those who picked Hillary to talk to feel quite frustrated.

Take it away.

Update: Gina explains that Hillary's inability to stay for the breakout session had been understood while they were building the schedule.

Senator Clinton's campaign (and in fact those of every candidate participating) have been incredibly flexible and helpful in putting together this Presidential forum. Saturday is going to be an amazing day.

In the weeks leading up to the convention we worked with her campaign and the campaigns of EVERY candidate participating to accommodate a diverse array of scheduling and other concerns.

Yearlykos wholeheartedly disagrees with the sentiments expressed in the diary entitled "Effing Hillary Jilts Kossacks." There was a miscommunication between Yearlykos and Senator Clinton’s Campaign, which was never under the impression that Senator Clinton would be attending the breakout session due to a scheduling conflict. We regret due to this miscommunication, the announcement was made so belatedly. We are ecstatic she will be attending the forum and that Anne Lewis will be representing her in the breakout session.

Also, it is imperative to remember that Hillary Clinton has been one of the strongest voices in backing YearlyKos against the smears of Bill O'Reilly. I'm looking forward to the Presidential forum and am glad that Hillary Clinton will be up on the stage too.

Update II: From Peter Daou, Hillary will attend YearlyKos breakout session

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