Friday :: Aug 3, 2007

Thanks Trent

by Steve

"The strategy of being obstructionist can work or fail…and so far it's working for us."
--Trent Lott, Roll Call, April 18th

So much for that obstructionist strategy Senator. According to the latest national poll done by Democracy Corps, the current gridlock in Washington is being blamed on the White House and the GOP, and not the Democrats. In fact, in the 70 battleground districts around the country:

By 52 to 38 percent, voters in these battleground districts say the gridlock in Washington makes them want to see more Democrats elected to the Congress. That same dynamic is at work even in the Republican-held seats.

How many more Democrats? Perhaps another 20-30 more in the House. Can you imagine what Nancy Pelosi could get done with a 260-Democrat House and a Democratic president?

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