Monday :: Aug 6, 2007

Hillary Scores At YearlyKos; Electability Not An Issue

by Jeff Dinelli

Mary could probably speak better of this since she was there, but according to most media accounts, Hillary did pretty well at the YearlyKos convention over the weekend, which figured to be rather hostile territory. She answered questions in depth and with self-deprecating humor, and was only roundly booed when Edwards' subject of accepting money from lobbyists came up. She stood firm on this topic as well, explaining that some lobbying groups are made up of nurses and social workers, and at any rate her record shows she's not influenced by lobbyists. She showed her toughness on the Iraq problem after Richardson opined that our troops should be completely withdrawn by the end of the year, explaining the reality that withdrawing 160,000 troops is going to be a very dangerous and time-consuming effort. Considering she polls just higher than "Don't Freaking Know" on Kos' straw polls, it seemed to be a solid, laid-back, non-campaign type performance by a woman who increasingly seems to be the inevitable Democratic candidate.

And if she is the candidate, this question of electability needs to be addressed. Listen and watch to the right wing water carriers lately and you'll find a lot of gushing over Obama and fear mongering about Hillary. It's becoming apparent they know Hillary is the most formidible candidate and the one toughest to beat in '08. Looking at the raw numbers, all she would have to do is win the 250 electoral votes Kerry took in '04, plus win either Ohio or Florida. This certainly seems doable, considering Ohio is looking more blue than ever these days with GOP scandals and a high unemployment rate, and Florida up in arms over prescription drug prices and the Cuban community not happy over the GOP's handling of the immigration issue.

My feeling is Hillary is VERY electable, and the right wing knows it. Am I off base here?

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